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4 Tricks to Help You Stop Touching Your Face all the time

How to Stop Touching Your Face all the time?


Hey! We know it is hard to stop touching your pretty face. But you have got to stop doing that, Especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Try these 4 tricks to help you stop touching your face all the time.

So, let’s get on to breaking the “face touching” most of us never knew we had.

Over the course of the day, we touch lots and lots of surfaces. From doorknobs to chair handles, elevator buttons even bus railings – where viruses live like kings. Virus including the new Corona Covid-19 virus.


From these surfaces, nasty microbes catch a flight on our palms and fingertips and checkout at their preferred destinations. Destinations, which as you may have rightly guessed, are our mouths, noses or eyes, all of which are entry terminals for the coronavirus, as well as other nasty little fellas.


Since it took the coronavirus outbreak for us to realize just how weird and often, we touch our faces, here are four tips to help you stop touching your face.



Keep a Rose Carla Pocket Handkerchief

Keeping a tissue handy especially easy-to-carry tissue like Rose Carla Pocket handkerchief.

When the urge to rub your nose, scratch that itch or even adjust your glasses (if you wear one,) grab a tissue instead of using your bare hands.

If you feel the sneeze coming, grab a tissue. Don’t forget to dispose of the tissue after use (wrap in fresh tissue and dispose of it.)

catch a sneeze with tissue paper stop touching your face all the timesneeze into elbow

If for some reasons, you don’t have a tissue handy, don’t sneeze into your palm. Instead, aim the sneeze into your elbow and get your “dab” on.

Sneezing or coughing into your bare hands makes it more likely that you will pass those little nasties on to other people and surfaces around you.



Busy hands, they say, are happy hands. This doesn’t apply to “touching your face” – especially during this coronavirus pandemic.

What you can do is; Keep your hands occupied with a stress ball, a Rubik’s cube. This will drastically reduce instances of touching your face.

Solving Rubik's cube - stop touching your face all the time Pressing stress ball stop touching your face all the time

If you can get a stress ball to caress, mail to sort or clothes to fold, you could lace your hands together in your lap like the classy individual you are – or just find another way to actively engage them so you are less likely to touch your face.


Experts advise that using scented handwash or lotion could also help reduce the touching as the scent could make you more aware of your impending action when bringing your hands close to your face.




Face touching triggers stop touching your face all the time

Pay attention over the course of the day to notice compelling behaviours. As you observe yourself, you become more aware of why and when you’re touching your face. Addressing the root cause can then an effective solution.

If you tend to rub your eyes because they are dry, use a moisturizing drop. Should your eyes get itchy from too much screen time, reduce your screen time.

If you like pricking your pimple, or picking your nostrils (Ewww!) – just stop!

Also, masks may not be the most effective for preventing against the coronavirus transmission, they can be quite helpful as a stopgap against touching your nose or mouth.



Chill and relax stop touching your face all the time

While it is good practice not to touch your face, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is generally advised that you take a chill and reduce your stress overall, as opposed to obsessively worrying about everything you touch.

Too much stress impacts your immune system, and the more you’re stressed, the more you’re reducing your immune’s system chances of fighting off infections.

Try to be in the present moment, aware and happy. As long as your hands are clean, touching your face isn’t catastrophic. It’s not the end of the world. After all, it’s a natural behaviour we all do.

Best bet, wash your hands with soap and running water frequently, keep a sanitizer and a tissue close by.

Don’t forget to stay safe.


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