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Do Plies Really Make a Difference in Toilet Paper Quality?

What does ply mean in toilet paper?

Toilet paper quality is often described and measured by the number of stacked sheets, called plies.

The sheets are stacked in one (1) ply,  two (2) plies or three (3) plies.

One(1) ply toilet paper means it has one layer of paper, while two( 2) ply means it has two layers and 3 plies will have three layers of paper.

The one (1) ply toilet paper is often thought of as a lesser or commercial quality toilet paper,

it is usually of inferior quality and cost little or nothing to purchase.

The two (2) and three (3) ply toilet papers are often thought of as the premium or higher quality paper. They are thicker and somewhat textured to provide ultra softness.

Number of plies in Toilet Paper

Bel Impex Limited (BIL), is the converting arm of BEL Papyrus Limited.

Belimpex holds currently holds majority shares in the Nigerian tissue market. with various affordable and luxurious brands to help promote hygiene in Nigeria.


Rose Carla;








The Rose Carla is a two (2) ply satin soft premium toilet paper.

Being two-Ply gives ensures its more absorbent than other toilet paper’s in the Nigeria market.

The Rose Carla is also made from 100% virgin pulp making it a favourite among consumers Nationwide.

Rose Belle;








The Rose Belle is also a two (2) ply affordable and reliable toilet paper.

The Rose Belle is also highly absorbent with a strong and soft texture.

It also doesn’t break or leave particles behind after use.



Rose Family;



The Rose Family is a smooth, white two (2) ply toilet paper.

The Rose Family is very affordable and its sold in markets Nationwide.



Rose Plus


The Rose Plus is a 3 ply Toilet Paper.

This environmentally friendly Toilet Paper is strong and very absorbent.

The Rose Plus is sold in stores and major markets nationwide.



The Softwave is a 2 Ply Toilet Paper.

This economic white toilet paper is available in small roll and jumbo roll.

Softwave is sold Nationwide.



Finetex is also a 2ply Toilet Paper.

Giving it a strong and firm texture.


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