Where can I purchase quality Toilet Paper in Nigeria - Nigeria's number one tissue paper manufacturer

Where can I purchase quality Toilet Paper in Nigeria

Quality Toilet Paper

Every parents’ joy is to see their child healthy and happy. That means hygiene and wellbeing must at the forefront of the everyday upbringing of a child.

The emphasis on quality products is higher than ever as parents are more aware of the adverse effects of low-quality products to a child’s general wellbeing.

Toilet paper is an essential item in every household, it serves as a cleaning agent to the home.

High-quality toilet papers are gentle on your sensitive regions, easy on your plumbing, and it cleans up messes without breaking or leaving behind particles.

As our personal hygiene is not up for debate, quality toilet Paper is seen as a necessity in most homes in Nigeria use to keep cleanliness and improve the general wellbeing.

Quality Toilet Paper is sold at various locations in Nigeria to meet its high demand.

Below are the various places you can get quality Toilet Paper;

  1. Malls
  2. Supermarket
  3. Grocery store
  4. Open Market
  5. Kiosk Stores



A mall is large retail complex containing variety of stores, restaurants and other business establishments housed in a series of connected or adjacent buildings or in a single large building. 

In Nigeria, ShopRite is the most popular mall. Products are arranged in stacks and sections.  You can get quality tissue paper like Rose Carla, Rose Belle and Rose plus in the hygiene section of the mall.



A supermarket is a one-stop self-service shop where you can purchase where you can purchase a diverse range of products such as drinks, dairy products, cereals and grains, tubers, beverages, health products, cooking oil, groceries and more.

Supermarkets are mostly found in the inner areas of Lagos which are quicker to get to access. Examples of supermarkets in Nigeria include; Addide, Prince Ebeano, Buymore etc.

The products in a supermarket are also organized into sections and shelves. You will find all variants of quality toilet paper like Rose Carla, Rose Plus, Rose Belle and Rose Family arrange on a shelf in the hygiene row. 


Grocery Store:

A grocery store is a shop unit where you can buy products most for use at home. Grocery stores can be found on almost every street in Nigeria. Grocery stores are owned and operated by individual traders. 

Quality toilet papers you can get at all grocery stores nationwide include Rose Carla, Rose Plus, Rose Belle, Rose Family and Finetex.


Open Market:

Open markets are very busy open public centres where are goods displayed for sale by individual traders. Example of an open market is Ojuwoye market in Mushin, Lagos. Open markets are frequented because of bulk purchase at discount prices.

Rose Carla, Rose Plus, Rose Belle, Rose Family and Softwave are all available in open markets nationwide.



Kiosk stores:

Kiosk stores are a small, stand-alone booth typically placed in high-traffic areas by small scale traders. They are usually located at vantage points on street corners. Products are displayed in small quantities and sold in single units. Softwave quality toilet paper are a major feature in kiosks.

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